Bridges – Compilato per TC 12 x86

Autore: Simon Tatham

Licenza: MIT

You have a set of islands distributed across the playing area. Each island contains a number. Your aim is to connect the islands together with bridges, in such a way that:

  • Bridges run horizontally or vertically.
  • The number of bridges terminating at any island is equal to the number written in that island.
  • Two bridges may run in parallel between the same two islands, but no more than two may do so.
  • No bridge crosses another bridge.
  • All the islands are connected together.

There are some configurable alternative modes, which involve changing the parallel-bridge limit to something other than 2, and introducing the additional constraint that no sequence of bridges may form a loop from one island back to the same island. The rules stated above are the default ones.

Credit for this puzzle goes to Nikoli [12].

Bridges was contributed to this collection by James Harvey.

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